OpenDDS 3.11 released

The open source community has released OpenDDS 3.11
Added by Johnny Willemsen over 2 years ago

The open source community has released on Friday May 12th 2017 a new OpenDDS release. This release is available from the github release page


  • Support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Content-filter expressions can now use 64-bit integer literals
  • tcp transport has a new wait_for_acknowledgements implementation
  • DataWriter’s HISTORY QoS processing now allows replacing old samples with new ones without blocking


  • Improved robustness of DEADLINE QoS processing
  • Uses of content-filter expressions are now checked for the correct number of parameters
  • Fixed versioned namespace support
  • Improved support for IPv6
  • Improved robustness of rtps_udp transport, especially when used with static discovery
  • Use of the constant PARTICIPANT_QOS_DEFAULT no longer initializes the domain participant factory
  • Bug fixes in the OpenDDS Wireshark dissector (for sample dissection)


  • The QoS XML Handler library is now decoupled from DDS4CCM, it requires xerces