ACE 6.4.7 and TAO 2.4.7 released

The open source community has released ACE 6.4.7 and TAO 2.4.7
Added by Johnny Willemsen over 4 years ago

The open source community has released on Friday March 16th 2018 a new ACE 6.4.7 and TAO 2.4.7 release. This release is available from the usual download location at under the heading “Latest Micro Release” or from the github release page

The doxygen documentation for this release is also available. In addition to the packages combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release provides source-only packages for developers who use MPC to generate their own makefiles.

Changes to ACE (detailed changes)

  • Added a new, optional argument named ipv6_only. If ipv6_only is 0/false (the default) the socket will accept both IPv6 and IPv4 connections/datagrams. If ipv6_only is 1/true the socket will only accept IPv6. This behavior only applies when ACE_HAS_IPV6 is true and the local-side IP address is the generic localhost IP address. This optional argument is added to:


  • Integrated some changes from XSC into XML Utils
  • Enable ACE_HAS_CPP11 when we have clang with C++11 enabled
  • Added support for cross compiling using MinGW on a Linux host
  • Added support for FreeBSD 11
  • Fixed issue ACE_Singleton was broken after ACE::fini, ACE::init (Github 554)

Changes to TAO (detailed changes)

  • TAO_IDL parses and discards IDLv4 annotations (applying, not defining)
  • Fixed Bug 1220 as it applies to the SHMIOP transport