ACE 6.5.7 and TAO 2.5.7 released

The open source community has released ACE 6.5.7 and TAO 2.5.7
Added by Johnny Willemsen over 2 years ago

The open source community has released on Friday November 22th 2019 a new ACE 6.5.7 and TAO 2.5.7 release. This release is available from the usual download location at under the heading “Latest Micro Release” or from the github release page.

The doxygen documentation for this release is also available. In addition to the packages combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release provides source-only packages for developers who use MPC to generate their own makefiles.

Changes to ACE (detailed changes)

  • Fixed compile problem with glibc 2.30 and newer
  • gnuace makefiles: Updated handling of generated files and use requires/avoids to make postbuild steps conditional
  • Removed references to the ACE_LACKS_MONOTONIC_TIME preprocessor macro because it was equivalent to ACE_LACKS_CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
  • Exposed support status of monotonic times features using preprocessor macros. See “Testing for Monotonic Time Support” in docs/ACE-monotonic-timer.html for details.
  • Added support for ARM and ARM64 stack traces with Microsoft Visual C++.
  • The “optional argument for the receive address in ACE_SOCK_Dgram::recv” feature from ACE-6.5.5 is now supported on Windows. This includes enhanced support for sendmsg/recvmsg on Windows.

Changes to TAO (detailed changes)

  • Fixed deprecated-copy warnings in TAO_IDL generated code
  • The TAO IDL Frontend now supports annotations on interfaces, operations, and attributes. (#967)
  • idl_global->eval in the TAO IDL Frontend will now produce error and warning messages. This can be silenced by passing true as a second argument. (#967)
  • Expanded documentation on what can be annotated and roughly how to extend annotation support in `TAO_IDL/docs/`. Also made various corrections. (#967)
  • Fixed invalid free in the TAO IDL Frontend while parsing an IDL wstring literal. (#984)