ACE 6.5.9 and TAO 2.5.9 released

The open source community has released ACE 6.5.9 and TAO 2.5.9
Added by Johnny Willemsen 6 months ago

The open source community has released on Friday May 1st 2020 a new ACE 6.5.9 and TAO 2.5.9 release. This release is available from the usual download location at under the heading “Latest Micro Release” or from the github release page.

The doxygen documentation for this release is also available. In addition to the packages combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release provides source-only packages for developers who use MPC to generate their own makefiles.

Changes to ACE (detailed changes)

  • On Windows, ACE no longer defines _WIN32_WINNT. ACE wrappers for if_nametoindex and if_indextoname are available if the version of the Windows SDK supports them.
  • IPv6 extended datagram receive info now supported on macOS.
  • ACE_(U)INT8/16/32/64 map to (u)int8/16/32/64_t when C++11 has been enabled.
  • CDR_Base uses ACE_INT64 for LongLong, all old emulated support has been removed
  • Updated debian and rpm packaging support

Changes to TAO (detailed changes)

  • With C++11 we are now using (u)int8/16/32/64 to map all CORBA integer types