Time to modernize ACE/TAO!

Added by Johnny Willemsen almost 2 years ago

We are pleased to announce that ACE/TAO are getting modernized! The core developer group has supported very old (and broken) compilers for a long time, but it is now time to start modernizing ACE/TAO with the features and capabilities of C++11!

The coming period the core developer group will make C++11 a mandatory compiler feature for ACE 7.0.0 and TAO 3.0.0. This upcoming new major release is almost 10 years after ACE 6.0.0 and TAO 2.0.0 which where released December 14th 2010.

When you are using a C++11 capable compiler you should only notice that ACE/TAO will use C++11 features and that we will provide new C++11 APIs which will simplify your application code. There is no need to update your ACE 6.5.x based code, just recompile it with upcoming ACE 7.0.0 and TAO 3.0.0 and it should work. C++11 capable compilers are for example Visual Studio 2015 and newer, gcc 4.8 and newer, and clang 5 and newer.

When you are using a C++ compiler which doesn’t support C++11 you can keep using the ACE 6.5.x and TAO 2.5.x releases. When there is enough user sponsoring the core developer group will release new 6.5.x ACE/TAO releases with user funded bug fixes and enhancements! For this a new ace6tao2 branch is created in the ACE/TAO git repository which will be the development branch for any new 6.5.x developments.