AXCIOMA v2.2.0 released

Added by Johnny Willemsen 11 months ago

This is a stable release of AXCIOMA and TAOX11

AXCIOMA v2.2.0 includes the following main features, see our feature overview for all features.

  • IDL 3.5 support
  • CORBA through TAOX11
  • Brix11 scaffolding support
  • Support for LwCCM components and connectors
  • Synchronous request/reply support through CORBA4CCM
  • Event and state support through DDS4CCM supporting RTI Connext DDS and OpenDDS
  • Asynchronous request/reply support through AMI4CCM
  • Timer support through TT4CCM
  • Event support through PSDD4CCM supporting ZeroMQ
  • DnCX11 deployment support
  • Suite of unit tests and examples

See the README for how to obtain and bootstrap this release.