This is the support project for AXCIOMA, the component framework for distributed, real-time, and embedded systems.

AXCIOMA is a comprehensive software suite combining Object Management Group (OMG) open standards being LwCCM, DDS, DDS4CCM, AMI4CCM, CORBA, IDL, IDL2C++11, and D&C. AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a distributed component based architecture. It is the component framework enabling the Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT.

AXCIOMA supports state, event, and request-reply based interaction patterns between components. The concrete communication middleware between the components is a deployment decision, not an implementation decision!

AXCIOMA supports the implementation of components using the IDL to C++11 language mapping. AXCIOMA supports DDS, ZeroMQ, and CORBA based interaction patterns out of the box. Through a flexible and powerful framework you can add your own domain specific interaction support.

For a high level overview of the features and capabilities of AXCIOMA check the AXCIOMA website.

The wiki and issue sections of our AXCIOMA support portal are accessible for users with an active support agreement.