New TAOX11 v1.2 release

Added by Johnny Willemsen about 4 years ago

Remedy IT announces hereby the TAOX11 v1.2 release. TAOX11 simplifies the development of your CORBA based applications using the IDL to C++11 language mapping.

The new IDL to C++11 language mapping is far more easy to use compared to the IDL to C++ mapping and greatly reduces the CORBA learning curve. The new memory management semantics significantly reduce the possibility of common user mistakes thereby greatly improving application stability and reliability. Additionally the support of new C++11 language features offers ample opportunity for significant improvements of run-time performance.

The TAOX11 v1.2 release has the following major features
  • Compliant with the IDL to C++11 v1.1 language mapping
  • CORBA v3.3 compliant
  • Full support of the IDL type system (basic types, constant, enum, string, wide string, sequence, array, struct, union, typedef, exception)
  • Full support for local and remote CORBA interfaces
  • Full POA support
  • Full support for valuetype and abstract interfaces
  • Full support for Any
  • Through POA Collocation optimization
  • CORBA AMI support
  • Messaging and BiDirection GIOP Policies support

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